Competition FAQ

  • Who or what is thinkdirect?

thinkdirect is a simple online platform out to help South Africans save more for, and during, their retirement. We help connect investors directly to providers, who offer low-cost, Regulation 28, retirement funds.

  • Why takealot, and why give away vouchers?

We partnered with takealot because we wanted to give our winners the greatest choice possible, but still have the security of using vouchers. Our aim is to create public interest in our service through the competition.

  • How many times can I enter?

You can only enter once. Each person gets one unique entry. However, we want to give you as much chance to win as possible, so when you enter you are assigned a unique code. You can then share that code via social media, email or simply telling people about it. Every person who joins the draw from your unique code gives you an extra entry into the draw. For example: if you get 9 friends to sign up with your code, you will receive a further 9 entries. That means you will have a total of 10 (9 friends + your original entry) into the weekly and final draw.

  • Where do I find the quick share links?

Simply login using your email address here, and click the social media icon of your choice. You can edit the message, or simply post it as is. Everyone who joins from your unique shared link will gain you an extra entry.

  • Can’t I just make multiple email addresses and keep entering?

In theory, you could. In practice, we would advise you don’t. We do have checks in place to ensure each person only enters once. If you are found out trying to cheat the system, your entries will be removed from the draw and any further attempt to enter will be blocked. If you are drawn as a winner but fail the identification test, your entries will be removed from the system and you will be blocked from entering again.

  • Can I unsubscribe from your emails?

Yes, you can. However, if you unsubscribe we will be unable to contact you if you win. Therefore, if you choose to no longer receive communication from us during the competition, you will, regrettably, be ineligible to win. If you want to unsubscribe after the competition is finished, simply select the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any one of our emails.

  • When do you announce the winners?

We will make the draw every Friday at noon (12h00), announcing the winners on our social media channels, and via email. You have up until the next draw to claim your prize, which involves a simple identification check. If the prize is unclaimed by the following draw, we will simply draw another name and announce multiple winners that week.

  • If I win, when do I get my voucher?

Once we have drawn the winners, we will communicate with them privately and directly. A simple check, ensuring they are both over 18 years of age and a South African citizen, will be performed as per our T&C’s. Once the check has been completed, we will email the voucher to the winners and they can be used at any point thereafter.

  • Why over 18 and only South African citizens?

We feel it would be irresponsible to pay out large sums of money to minors. As this is, in essence, a marketing exercise, it is meant to fuel our core business, which directly targets South African citizens only who earn enough income to be saving for retirement.

  • Can I win more than once?

Yes. We draw a single R1000 voucher every week, for as long as the competition is run for. If legally entered, you are eligible for all draws, meaning you could, in theory, win multiple vouchers over multiple weeks.

  • Where are your Terms and Conditions?

Upon signing up for the competition you will have a chance to go over them and check an agreement box. If you wish to read over them again, please click here