About Us

When most of us think about saving retirement, we probably go:

  1. Retirement? It’s just too far away right now to bother
  2. I’ll definitely sort that out next year! (every year…)
  3. Wow! This is just too damn complicated!

Well, if you’ve ever thought those things, then thinkdirect is here for you.

Not only do we want to shed some light on this confusing, confounding, and complex world of retirement saving, but we also want to ensure you save for retirement in the most affordable way possible.

We show you the best, low-cost, index-tracking retirement funds on the market, give you quick, easy access to all the information you might need, and then help you connect directly to the provider of your choice.

Now, we know saving can be hard, so we want to help make it easy as possible by:

  1. Reducing your costs so you can afford to save more
  2. Get you saving NOW, so you don’t have to worry later
  3. And really showing you how simple saving for retirement can be

It’s retirement, on your terms.



PS: Want more information? Contact info@thinkdirect.co.za